A Walking Plague

“Oh, I thought that was a negative sign, not a positive one.  Ok well then if we have sex I’ll have to use a condom.”

“If we date we’d have to take precautions.”

“Ddf and std free only.”

“100% clean only.”

Things that are said to me and/or posted on profiles on a daily basis. 

How can members of a community in the United States that is so disproportionately impacted by a virus be so ignorant about it? 

Now, I’m all for everyone being responsible for their own health.  People should be responsible for their health and no one else.  However, these people still know close to nothing about HIV, how it’s treated, and how infection works. 

Use a condom, that’s great.  Do not only use condoms with men who are HIV positive and not with men who are “negative”.  I use negative very loosely because as we all (should) know, most infections are caused when someone is infected with HIV and is unaware of it, has a high viral load, and passes it to someone else.

That “negative” guy you just had sex with was tested 6 months ago and has had 15 partners since.  After the first partner, his status was unknown.  Same goes for all of the other STDs.  So you can take your 100% clean and ddf crap elsewhere.  You don’t know that.  Nor do they. 

Treat me like a leper, and there’s no way I will ever want anything to do with you.  It’s hard enough to try and educate a person after being spoken to like a walking plague, let alone have any interest in going on a date or even coming close to having a sexual relationship. 

I am not a walking virus.  I am not a disease. 

Dealing with this for 3+ years, one might think that it gets easier to handle the vast amount of ignorance that is the real plague in our society.  But it’s not.  It still hurts.  I’m tired.  I’m running out of patience and compassion for ignorant people.  Not the people who want to learn, and ask me questions.  The ones who will so matter-of-factly state that precautions must be taken with me, but no one else. 

Please, please, PLEASE use google to educate yourself and give HIV positive people a break. 


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